Folc English Rosé 2021


Experience the 2021 Folc English Rosé, a crisp and fruity wine from Kent with notes of strawberries and cherries. Perfectly paired with British cheeses like White Lake Dairy Driftwood and Colston Bassett Stilton. Enjoy this modern, sustainable wine.

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British Rosé can easily give a popular Provence Rosé a run for its money. This dry, pale style of wine, typically famous in regions like Provence and the Loire Valley, finds a unique expression in England. The 2021 Folc English Rosé from Kent is a crisp and fruity wine, known for its delicate, fruit-forward taste with notes of strawberries and cherries. This wine not only showcases the unique terroir harnessed by Kent winemakers but also embodies a modern mindset focusing on quality, sustainability, and inclusivity.

Cheese Pairings

These are three of my favourite Folc English Rosé and British cheese pairings:

  • White Lake Dairy Driftwood: Intensely rich, smooth, and creamy, developing to a full-flavoured, tangy finish. This cheese perfectly matches the dry wine with high acidity, creating a delicious flavour explosion.
  • White Lake Dairy Rachel: An unusual semi-firm alpine-style goat’s cheese with a nutty, creamy, caramel popcorn flavour. This cheese is more mellow than Driftwood and complements the wine’s flavours beautifully.
  • Colston Bassett Stilton: Not your usual cheese and wine pairing, but it works! The creamy, salty cheese with bursts of blue mould brings out the red fruit flavours in the wine, making it taste even more fruity.

History and Winemaking

British wine has gained popularity in recent years, known for its delicate, crisp, and fruit-forward taste. Folc English Rosé exemplifies this trend. The wine is produced with a modern mindset, focusing on quality, sustainability, and inclusivity. One of the co-founders, Elisha, is one of the very few female BAME co-founded UK wine producers, and she makes a fantastic Rosé wine. The winery’s ethos and dedication to quality are evident in every bottle.

Tasting Notes

The 2021 Folc English Rosé is crisp and fruity, with delicate notes of strawberries and cherries. The wine’s high acidity and dry style make it an excellent pairing for a variety of cheeses, enhancing their flavours and creating a harmonious tasting experience.

Additional Information

– Producer: Folc
– Region: Kent, England
– Grape: Pinot Noir based blend
– Vintage: 2021
– Colour: Rosé
– Alcohol: 11%
– Style: Crisp & Fruity


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“Jess was incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and made the tasting an educational and enjoyable experience. Her professionalism added an extra layer of appreciation to every sip.”

Amy Anton

“This was a fantastic experience. The wine and cheese were paired to perfection and I learned a lot too! Jessica was very knowledgeable and made it a really fun evening. 5 stars – would recommend!”

Jack Byrne

“I ordered hampers for corporate gifts and they were extremely well received, with many of the recipients stating it was the best hamper they had ever been given. Great selection of cheese and wine and Jess was extremely helpful with placing the orders.”

Sophie Labarthe

“Jess hosted a wine and cheese tasting for my hen party. She brought a range of wines and cheeses which were all stunning, beautifully presented and so well thoughtfully paired. I would totally recommend her and wouldn’t trust anyone else!”

Jennifer Middleton

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