Non-Alcoholic Wines

Non-alcoholic wines are crafted to offer the flavour and experience of traditional wines without the alcohol content. These wines undergo a process to remove or reduce the alcohol, often through methods like vacuum distillation or reverse osmosis. The result is a range of styles, from dry and crisp whites to rich and full-bodied reds, and sparkling varieties. Jessica has tried and tested each option to ensure they are the best, offering unique characteristics and flavours, making them a versatile choice for those seeking alcohol-free alternatives while still enjoying the essence of fine wine.

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What people say

“Jess was incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and made the tasting an educational and enjoyable experience. Her professionalism added an extra layer of appreciation to every sip.”

Amy Anton

“This was a fantastic experience. The wine and cheese were paired to perfection and I learned a lot too! Jessica was very knowledgeable and made it a really fun evening. 5 stars – would recommend!”

Jack Byrne

“I ordered hampers for corporate gifts and they were extremely well received, with many of the recipients stating it was the best hamper they had ever been given. Great selection of cheese and wine and Jess was extremely helpful with placing the orders.”

Sophie Labarthe

“Jess hosted a wine and cheese tasting for my hen party. She brought a range of wines and cheeses which were all stunning, beautifully presented and so well thoughtfully paired. I would totally recommend her and wouldn’t trust anyone else!”

Jennifer Middleton

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