Shaoxing Rice Wine Ben Mei


Celebrate with Pagoda Brand Shaoxing Rice Wine, a savory yellow wine from China. With almond, vanilla, and honey notes, it pairs beautifully with cheese. Encased in exquisite Longquan celadon, it symbolizes the perfect East meets West culinary fusion.

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Yellow wine, such as Shaoxing rice wine, pairs beautifully with cheese due to the complementary interplay of umami and saltiness. The umami in yellow wine, a savory and rich flavor resulting from fermentation, enhances the creamy and earthy notes of cheese. Meanwhile, the saltiness inherent in cheese, a byproduct of the aging process, highlights the subtle flavors in the wine. This combination of umami from the wine and salt from the cheese creates a delightful balance, intensifying the flavors of both and providing a unique and satisfying tasting experience where East meets West to create a magical culinary fusion.

History and Winemaking

Shaoxing Rice Wine, a product with a designated Geographical Indication, adheres to the stringent standards set by the Chinese government in GB/T 17946-2008. This exquisite wine, which producers can only legitimately label as Shaoxing Rice Wine if they use glutinous rice, wheat, and the unique water of Jianhu Lake in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, China, stands as a staple of Pagoda Brand Winery, located on the lake’s shores.

At the heart of Pagoda Brand Rice Wine’s appeal lies its flavor profile, which captivates with a delicate blend of almond, vanilla, and honey. It resembles sherry in both its amber color and its sophisticated, subtly powerful taste. This sensory experience makes it a popular celebratory drink during Chinese New Year. The festival, symbolizing new beginnings and the ushering in of good fortune, finds a perfect match in the wine’s rich and auspicious flavors.

Crafted by hand, Pagoda Brand Rice Wine’s production eschews modern mass-production techniques, favoring traditional methods that imbue each bottle with a unique character. The wine reaches its zenith when produced during Dongzhi, a period signifying the arrival of winter, following a natural fermentation process of no less than 11 months.

Unlike many competitors who use Caramel E150C for coloring, Pagoda Brand’s Shaoxing rice wine Ben Mei relies on natural ingredients, remaining free from any artificial colors.

The wine’s presentation matches its exceptional taste. Each bottle of Pagoda Brand Ben Mei is encased in fine Longquan celadon, a renowned type of willow-green glazed Chinese ceramic dating back to around AD 950. This exquisite ceramic, often compared to a radiant pearl in the crown of ceramics, earned recognition in September 2009 by UNESCO as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, further elevating the wine’s prestige.


Pair Pagoda Brand Shaoxing Rice Wine with a variety of cheeses to enhance their creamy and earthy notes with its umami-rich profile. It also complements traditional Chinese dishes, seafood, and rich, savory meals, providing a unique and satisfying tasting experience.

Extra Information

– Country: China
– Rice Wine
– Colour: Yellow
– Alcohol: Yes


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“Jess was incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and made the tasting an educational and enjoyable experience. Her professionalism added an extra layer of appreciation to every sip.”

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“This was a fantastic experience. The wine and cheese were paired to perfection and I learned a lot too! Jessica was very knowledgeable and made it a really fun evening. 5 stars – would recommend!”

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“I ordered hampers for corporate gifts and they were extremely well received, with many of the recipients stating it was the best hamper they had ever been given. Great selection of cheese and wine and Jess was extremely helpful with placing the orders.”

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“Jess hosted a wine and cheese tasting for my hen party. She brought a range of wines and cheeses which were all stunning, beautifully presented and so well thoughtfully paired. I would totally recommend her and wouldn’t trust anyone else!”

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