How To Choose Restaurant Wine: Impress Your Date

13 February 2024

Across the UK, partners are gearing up to take their loved ones out for a special meal this Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a blossoming romance or a love story many years in the making, going the extra mile can make all the difference. If you’re looking to impress your date with your wine knowledge, you’re in the right place. The task of navigating a restaurant wine list can often feel like decoding an ancient manuscript, but mastering this art is your secret weapon. With a bit of savvy and a few insider tips, you can turn this daunting task into an opportunity to showcase your wine expertise.


Mouse & Grape’s Must Have Items This Christmas

8 December 2023

Embrace the joy of Christmas with Mouse & Grape’s early festive treats! We have teamed our with some of our favourite wine and charcuterie suppliers for exclusive giveaways for those signed up to our mailing list. Delve into our exclusive selection from the best brands, specially curated to make your Christmas extra special. Discover our must-have wines and more for a fantastic Christmas dinner in the UK.


Mouse & Grape: Your Choice for UK Christmas Gifts from Overseas

8 December 2023

As the festive season wraps the world in its warm embrace, are you thousands of miles away from your loved ones in the UK? Worry not, for Mouse & Grape is here to bridge that distance. Specialising in luxurious cheese and wine hampers, we offer those living in Canada, America, Singapore, Hong Kong and beyond the perfect way gift their friends and family back in the UK this Christmas.


Planning Last Minute Christmas Parties?: Elevate Your Festivities with a Wine and Cheese Tasting

16 November 2023

Bring the joy of a Mouse & Grape event to your Festive season

The holiday season is upon us, and if you’re looking to host a unique and unforgettable Christmas gathering for your colleagues or clients, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a Mouse & Grape cheese and wine tasting experience. Elevate your corporate events with an exceptional last-minute option that’s perfect for team building, client entertainment, or a delightful celebration with your colleagues.


Uncorking History: The Art of Cheese and Wine Pairing

8 November 2023

A Taste of History of Cheese and Wine Hampers

The love affair between cheese and wine traces its roots back to antiquity. Cheese-making, with evidence dating back to 5500 BCE, and winemaking, around 6000 BCE, emerged independently in various ancient civilizations. Mesopotamians, Egyptians, and Greeks were among the early cheese and wine enthusiasts. These ancient artisans laid the foundation for two of the world’s most cherished culinary traditions.


Embrace the Rind: Exploring the Hidden Delights of Artisan Cheese

18 May 2023

Cheese is a world of wonder, a symphony of flavours and textures that captivate our taste buds. While most of us indulge in the creamy centres of our favourite cheeses, we often neglect their outer layer—the rind. But let me tell you, dear cheese connoisseurs, there’s a whole universe of flavours waiting to be discovered […]


Raising a Glass to Viognier

26 April 2023

Today, we raise our glasses to Viognier, the queen of aromatic white wines. As a wine connoisseur and cheesemonger, I am excited to celebrate this delicious and unique variety, today – the last Friday in April! It’s Viognier Day! Viognier is a grape variety that is known for its powerful aromas and complex flavours. Originally […]

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