The Eliza Hamper - Two Spanish wines paired with exceptional cheeses!


The Eliza Hamper features two exceptional Spanish wines 2016 Marqués de Reinosa Crianza Rioja and 2019 Bodegas De Alberto, Viña Lisonja, Verdejo. These wines are both fantastic wines in their own right but paired with our four cheeses, they are a culinary delight! We have chosen Saint Nectaire, a classic French cheese which has a fruity aroma, rich texture it melts in the mouth to reveal flavours of nuts and hay, Rachel an English semi-firm goats cheese with a springy paste and subtle sweet and nutty flavours, Stärnächäs is a swiss cheese which has supple and smooth texture and sweet, rich, deep flavour think a mixture of gruyere and emmental! No spanish cheese and wine pairing box would be complete without Manchego. Aged for a year the cheese has a crystalline texture and intense fruity, powerful flavour. Order the box to see which pairs with which!

The box comes with a booklet to guide you through your tasting, alongside general cheese and wine tips. Also included are Mouse & Grape tasting notes and pairing recommendations. You can use your free pencil to make notes and record your thoughts as you enjoy your unique tasting experience.

Delivery information: You should receive your goods within 3-7 days from the date you place your order.
However, if you have ordered cheese or a personalised box this may be with you in 5-10 days.

2016 Marqués de Reinosa Crianza Rioja
Bodegas De Alberto, Viña Lisonja, Verdejo, 2019, Rueda DO, Spain
Rachel 150g
Manchego (12+M) 150g
Stärnächäs Extra Mature 150g
Saint Nectaire 150g
Olina Bakehouse Gluten Free Wafer Crackers
Imogen’s Kitchen Red Pepper and Chilli Chutney 110ml
Wilkin & Sons of Tiptree Pure Honey 28g Mini Jar

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