2021 Terre d’Esclans Le Fantome Orange Wine


Terre d’Esclans Le Fantome 2021 is a captivating orange wine from Provence’s sunny La Motte vineyards. Crafted from 100% Vermentino grapes, it’s a burst of juicy, aromatic flavours, including peach, apricot, and orchard fruits, with herbal hints. This “Nature” wine is pure and unfiltered, offering a vibrant taste of Provence in every sip. Enjoy it with charcuterie or savour its unique character on its own.

Product Details

Discover Terre d’Esclans Le Fantome 2021, a captivating orange wine that emanates from the radiant vineyards of La Motte in the heart of Provence. Crafted exclusively from 100% Vermentino grapes, this wine offers a tantalising blend of mouthwatering juiciness and captivating aromatics. It opens with an explosion of fragrances, including peach, apricot, and stewed orchard fruits, and delicate hints of aromatic herbs. Terre d’Esclans Le Fantome 2021 is a wine of unique character and versatility. Its subtle notes of orange zest, delicate rose petals, fragrant acacia flowers, and the sweet embrace of white peach create a captivating and harmonious balance. It’s a fine, clean, and straight expression of the terroir, reflecting the artistry of its maker, Fabrice.

No added products, no filtration, no pumps during all vinification, and native yeasts –  It’s a testament to the commitment to natural winemaking principles, resulting in a wine that’s as pure and unadulterated as the Provencal landscape itself.

Whether you pair it with charcuterie for an exceptional tasting experience or savor it on its own, this wine promises to transport you to the essence of Provence with every sip. Don’t hesitate to decant it, as it promises to invigorate and awaken every cell in your body with its natural, unadulterated charm. Terre d’Esclans Le Fantome 2021 is your passport to the flavors of Provence, delivered in a bottle of pure delight.

– Region: Provance, France
– Grape: Vermentino
– Alcohol: 12%
– Style: Savoury & Fruity


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