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Our hampers are the perfect treat for an evening in, or as a gift to a loved one. All our wines and cheeses have been carefully selected and paired to give the best flavour combination- accompanied with a whole host of mouth-watering extras. Each hamper contains one or two bottles of exceptional wine and approximately 600g mouth-watering cheese and accompaniments. All hampers have a no blue cheese option.

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"I’ve had my fair share of cheese and wine in my life, but it is safe to say I have never experienced it quite like this. The pairings from the Mouse & Grape box absolutely blew my mind, with new and exciting flavours and textures that worked in perfect harmony with each other. I tried a host of new things that you could never find in your local supermarket (the highlight for me being truffle honey - this is irresistibly delicious) and wines I never thought I would like I found a whole new appreciation for. This is quality at its finest and I highly recommend it to anyone with tastebuds - you will not be disappointed!" -
Lucie Turner
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